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Wireless cell phone video surveillance solution is here adding a sense of personal security and safety it offers you real-time video monitoring.

Wireless mobile phone video surveillance solution This know-how utilizes the most powerful software applications for distantly monitoring from Anyplace in the world.
This is a solution that will turn any ordinary mobile phone into a high end security device.
The surveillance system brings video from video source such as USB or IP Webcam to your mobile phone. It contains both the client and server application.

You can connect to your room, corporation, babysitter, parents, pets, etc.

You can view online snapshots from your cameras on cell phone using any kind of ip connection from any location in the world. In case of invasion, a real video helps prevent false siren and cancel police dispatches to avoid the fines.
Enjoy the liberty of watching all your cameras on cell phone anytime and from anyplace with just the press of a button.

How does cellular surveillance work:

You attach your webcam (USB, IP camera, or Camcoder) to your home pc and setup the software.
The application records video and sound from camera and sends it, as compressed media stream, to web server.
You login to this Web server from your cell phone and watch your webcam.
No particular software for your mobile phone is needed.

All regarding cellular video surveillance.

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